The microbiology department is specialist in products for microbiological applications.


Since March 15th 2010 we are acting as exclusive distributor for the Biotest AG and Heipha Dr. Müller GmbH products in the Benelux.


Our technical skills, knowhow and understanding of what our suppliers and customers stand for make us a reliable partner in the microbiological field.


Biotest AG is producer of the Hycon instruments (microbiological airsampling and partical counting) to test the air quality in clean rooms, hospitals and for main hygienic and industrial control.


The Biotest HSS and MMB Polymerase Chain Reaction tests are developed for the identification of microorganisms in the pharmaceutical and food industry. The latest development is a replacement of the rabbit test for the detection of Pyrogens: the MAT test. The Biotest Service and Repair Centre in Germany are taking care for calibration and technical support of all the instruments.


Heipha Dr. Müller GmbH is producer of the microbiological culture media specialized in the pharmaceutical field and can offer a wide range of products. The Heipha ICR Contact Plates and Settle Plates are an example of microbiological monitoring in clean rooms. The newest product in this range is the ICR swab.



We always welcome enquiries and questions from our customers. Allow us to prove we are a trustworthy partner.


Please do contact our Account Managers and/or Antwerp Sales support team for technical and commercial enquiries. We look forward hearing from you.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
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Specialty Ingredients

iso smallIn 1974 the Kreglinger Group decided on a diversification project into specialty ingredients for the textile industry. This specialty business has since developed into an international operation selling specialty ingredients of an extremely wide variety for a very broad spectrum of applications in Food & beverages, Pharma & Neutraceuticals, Cosmetics & Personal care, Plastics & Rubbers, Agribusiness,… This development is mostly done in very close partnership with suppliers from all over the globe, but each specialists in their field/niche.

As this activity is coming to maturity, Kreglinger Europe is proud to be one of the rare independent specialists in the European ingredients business and proud to be the supplying partner of some of the major players in each segment of the market.

Having been in business for more than 200 years has given us some strength, some expertise and some vision that we want to use to our and our partners’ advantage.




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Did you know?
History: Kreglinger was founded in Antwerp in 1797
History: From the very beginning we traded in wool and sheepskins
Location: Antwerp is Europe’s second largest sea port, ranking behind Rotterdam
History: There was a time we produced 60.000 tons of coffee per year
Philosophy: Diversity has always been a central thought in our philosophy