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Kreglinger Specialties’ Food department represents specialty ingredients for the Food and Beverage Industry. We are continuously expanding our portfolio, keeping up to date with current market trends.


Natural and Organic

One key focus is Natural and Organic. Natural ingredients are derived from natural sources and do not contain substances or additives that were not originally in the food. An organic ingredient is produced using methods that do not involve synthetic or chemical pesticides or fertilisers. Organic ingredients contain no genetically modified organisms.A large part of the Kreglinger Specialties' portfolio includes products that meet the requirements of this important trend. With the portfolio growing regularly, some of our ingredients include: natural flavours, natural sweetener (stevia), gluten free bakery mixes, and many more.


Clean Label

Following the natural and organic trend, a relatively new sub-category is clean labelling where products contain fewer or no E-numbers, in response to consumers adopting healthier lifestyles and reading ingredient labels more often than ever before. We can offer you ingredients and support in formulating your products with clean label ingredients. Some of these products are: soy lecithin replacer, MSG and yeast extract replacer, SiO2 replacer, and many more.


Functional Ingredients

are ingredients that improve the products processing and quality, giving them extra characteristics during production such as texture and absorbance of extra water. Kreglinger's portfolio consists of many functional ingredients including: gums, waxes, anti-sticking and glazing agents.


Health and Nutritional Ingredients

With increasing awareness of health and fitness, consumers want to reduce their intake of fat, sugar, salt, and calories but without compromising on taste. Kreglinger's broad range of ingredients allows you to create simultaneously appetising and nutritious food, such as: highly purified and encapsulated minerals, oat beta-glucan, encapsulated calcium, iron and phytosterols.


Kreglinger's technical skills, know-how and understanding of what our Suppliers represent make us a reliable partner in the Food Industry. Our Application Laboratory allows us to produce finished products and lend technical support to customer's projects. The combination of the lab facilities and communication give us the chance to be able to interpret the market trends for our customer's needs.


Kreglinger's aim is to participate in projects at R&D level as much as possible. We can provide added value and support to our customers. If required, our Commodities department can assist with less specific but necessary ingredients.


Kreglinger Specialties Food is active in following sectors of the Food Industry:

Ready made meals
Pet Food


Our Account Managers are dedicated to providing our services to the following countries: France, Germany, Benelux region, United kingdom, Eastern European countries such as Romania and Poland, as well as North and South African countries, such as Egypt and South Africa.

Please contact our head office to be directed to your nearest Account Manager or the Sales Support team for technical, commercial or logistics' enquiries.

Antwerp Head Office

Telephone: +32 (0)3 22 22 020
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Specialty Ingredients

iso smallIn 1974 the Kreglinger Group decided on a diversification project into specialty ingredients for the textile industry. This specialty business has since developed into an international operation selling specialty ingredients of an extremely wide variety for a very broad spectrum of applications in Food & beverages, Pharma & Neutraceuticals, Cosmetics & Personal care, Plastics & Rubbers, Agribusiness,… This development is mostly done in very close partnership with suppliers from all over the globe, but each specialists in their field/niche.

As this activity is coming to maturity, Kreglinger Europe is proud to be one of the rare independent specialists in the European ingredients business and proud to be the supplying partner of some of the major players in each segment of the market.

Having been in business for more than 200 years has given us some strength, some expertise and some vision that we want to use to our and our partners’ advantage.




Kreglinger Europe nv

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Did you know?
History: Kreglinger was founded in Antwerp in 1797
History: From the very beginning we traded in wool and sheepskins
Location: Antwerp is Europe’s second largest sea port, ranking behind Rotterdam
History: There was a time we produced 60.000 tons of coffee per year
Philosophy: Diversity has always been a central thought in our philosophy